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Fruitcraft app has amazing music score by Oliver Bangbala

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Morning blog followers. We finally have some music to share with you. Fruitcraft app music was created by Oliver Bangbala. Oliver has done an amazing job with the music for our trading card game we think.

The music starts with some lovely bird chirping to get you in the mood and moves into a relaxing, mysterious and yet energetic music. How is that is all possible? Just listen to it below ūüôā

Support Fruitcraft app on Kickstarter

Support Fruitcraft app on Kickstarter

By fruitcraft, journey

We are very excited to announce that Fruitcraft app is finally on Kickstarter! We are aiming to raise £7,000 (about $10,000) on Kickstarter to finish our trading card game.

Please support our campaign by backing the project or if you can’t, please help us spread the news by sharing our link:

We need your support to finish and polish the game and get it to market before end of summer.

Fruitcraft app needs you

You might ask, why kickstarter. If you have followed our blog and Facebook page, you already know that we have been working on Fruitcraft app for a while now. Fruitcraft is almost code complete.  The back-end, client, game balancing, original artwork are all in place.  And we did run a successful trials back in January. The game is firmly on target for release before September!

However, after 6 months of spending all our free time on the project and asking for many free favours, we need £7,000 to finalise the project. The money will go towards creating more cards, animation, finishing the code, putting a server in place and taking the game to market.

A portion of what we raise will go towards reward fulfilment. About 10% or so will go towards Kickstarter fees and tax.

We are also giving away tones of exclusive perks to our backers. From limited edition stickers and pins to the chance to name a character within the game. Make sure you check out those goodies and let us know what you think.

So we would really appreciate it if you could pledge your support towards the Fruitcraft campaign and help us spread the word and get the game established.

Support Fruitcraft app today!


Fruitcraft app on kickstarter

5 ways to help with Fruitcraft’s upcoming Kickstarter campaign

By journey, kickstarter

Fruitcraft Kickstarter campaign is almost here. We are very excited to start fundraising for our fun trading card game. But we can’t do it alone. We need you help to succeed and launch Fruitcraft app. So here are a few ways you can help:

1. Check out our campaign. We have a short video explaining the project along with a long list of fun rewards we are giving away

2. Share Fruitcraft’s kickstarter link:¬†We would be very grateful if you could share our campaign, maybe with your friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter or by just mentioning our project.

3. Join us on Facebook. We will keep you updated and will be giving away some of rewards to Fruitcraft Facebook fans.

4. Please blog about Fruitcraft if you can. We want to make sure not only we can have a successful fun raising, we want to make sure we find gamers that would want to be part of the Fruitcraft experience.

5- Back our fruitcraft with some cash! Doesn’t really matter how much. Every penny counts and we would hugely appreciate it.

Let’s make this happen!

Fruitcraft is getting ready to launch a kickstarter campaign
Fruitcraft trading card game home screen

Fruitcraft app is almost there

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Here is a new version of Fruitcraft app homeland… I also wanted to share a card screen. You can see how the trading cards sit together here.

fruitcraft app trading card game

Seriously we are so close. Most of the code is done! And the app looking very slick. We cannot wait to show you the final game.

Looks like we are on target for our late-summer release. As ever Fruit lovers, we value your feedback!