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Hi guys.

I’ve been busy coding up a simple web prototype for fruitcraft trading card game. Wow it’s moving forward fast! On the surface it might seem that designing a TCG (trading card game) is simple. But in fact there is quite a lot thought that needs to go in for the design and balancing of each card and rule.

Fruitcraft game beta is looking visually kinda rough and we need an artist for the real thing – Mia‘s on that – but I think we’re close to having something playable. Our goal is to have the most fun game!

We plan to push Fruitcraft online this Saturday evening. It will be incredible to see how many people jump in. We’re looking forward to taking a look at the stats too as well as seeing how you get on with the rules and game mechanics.

Hey guys, give Fruitcraft a try. Just head on over to this weekend and start climbing the rankings! See you all soon!