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Fruitcraft trading card game design style

Fruitcraft app’s beauty is in the design

By design, journey

So with Fruitcraft‘s game specs all but done, we’re really focused on finding the right visual app design and character artwork. We know that for a trading card game, artworks are really key.

For the app’s launch we’re shooting for around 20 main Fruitcraft warrior trading cards, each with 5 upgrades. The quality of the character artwork is critical as we need users to easily identify with different characters, their weaponry, skills and special abilities. We’re talking to some really interesting artists over the next few days. Here’s some examples of the kind of works we really like.

The purple creature is by  Ilvira Nasreddinova.

The fruit basket  is by frowzivitch.

More on the artwork in a few days!

Fruitcraft treading card game super heroes

Fruitcrafters, You are our heroes

By fruitcraft, journey

Ok we admit it. We concede the point. There are some seriously hard core Fruitcrfters out there!

And this is only a beta for fruitcraft. I mean how do you guys spend 20 solid hours building your Fruit army trading cards anyway? Give us some of what you’ve got. And no we’re not bitter at being a 100 levels behind you. No really 😉

Listen thanks everyone for playing our game, fruitcraft. Everyone at Fruitcraft app development team hopes you are having the most fun.

We’ll get back to you asap with some more info on what we found.

Fruitcraft trading card game beta

Fruitcraft app beta almost there

By journey

Hi guys.

I’ve been busy coding up a simple web prototype for fruitcraft trading card game. Wow it’s moving forward fast! On the surface it might seem that designing a TCG (trading card game) is simple. But in fact there is quite a lot thought that needs to go in for the design and balancing of each card and rule.

Fruitcraft game beta is looking visually kinda rough and we need an artist for the real thing – Mia‘s on that – but I think we’re close to having something playable. Our goal is to have the most fun game!

We plan to push Fruitcraft online this Saturday evening. It will be incredible to see how many people jump in. We’re looking forward to taking a look at the stats too as well as seeing how you get on with the rules and game mechanics.

Hey guys, give Fruitcraft a try. Just head on over to this weekend and start climbing the rankings! See you all soon!

fruitcraft trading card game development story

Fruitcraft app Men at work

By fruitcraft, journey

Happy new year everyone!

As you know we are working on Fruitcaft app, a social trading card game. And it has been a pretty busy time. Fruitcraft’s app development team has been working flat out over the holiday season. We started out by drawing out some flows to get the basics of the game mechanics down. We’ve been using paper prototypes to try out the trading card game for ourselves. Its got some rough edges but it is fast becoming the most fun game!

Mehran‘s going to code up a simple web version. That way we can see what you think.