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3 ways to get more gold in Fruitcraft game without micropayments

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Fruitcraft app has its own virtual currency or gold. You start Fruitcraft game with some free gold and can get more through out the game. If you are in a rush, you can simply buy some gold from the shop. But even if you don’t want to use micropayments, there are other ways to get your purses heavy:

  • Go on a quest. Quests are simple missions within the app itself. Once you select a quest, the app will tell you how much offence you are likely to need to win and if you play your cards rights, you will not only bag yourself some experience, you will also get some well deserved gold.
  • Challenge opponents. The best way to get extra cash is to raid other players. Just make sure you choose a rich opponent and start a raid. You are likely to win a lot more through battles compared to quests.
  • Mine some gold. Finally once you get to level 4, you can start your mine and assign a card to produce some gold for you whilst you are offline.

What can you spend gold on?

Ok so you’ve got some virtual currency together. What now? You can spend your hard earned gold on purchasing more trading cards, enhancing existing cards, upgrading buildings on home camp and tribe, contributing to tribe and to fast-track cool-down.

The game offers micro-transactions as a way to get ahead, but it’s finely balanced to ensure the game is still enjoyable for the average free to play user.

Fruitcraft trading card game home screen

More about Buildings in Fruitcraft game

By fruitcraft, gaming

Fruitcraft trading card game  has a bunch of buildings. At first they might seem a bit complicated so we thought we should write a quick blog about all those funky buildings.

When you first start the game, you will notice that home camp has 5 main buildings:

  • Quest- Tap on it to go for a quick quest and gain some extra gold 
  • Battle– Challenge opponents from around the world and win tones and tones of gold
  • Shop- Need some virtual currency in a hurry? Buy a pack from the shop. You can also buy trading card packs from here
  • Mail- You see all your notifications and chats here
  • Fruit basket, Check out all your cards here in one place. You can also see how many cards you are missing from the collection tab.

But that’s not it. You can get more buildings as you level up. You can unlock a gold mine, defence and tribe buildings. You can also upgrade these buildings with gold.

Similar to the home camp, a tribe has a number of buildings that can be upgraded. 4 brand new buildings in fact.They provide the ability to evolve cards and receive attack and defence bonuses.

Let us know what you think. What other buildings should we add?

Ouya! Should Fruitcraft app be there?

By gaming

Here at Fruitcraft, we really dig the Ouya. In fact I have already pre-ordered mine and am a bit disappointed to hear Ouya public launch has been pushed back into June. But nonetheless we love the idea of a casual democratic console.

Ouya is a new game console for television and we really love the fact that Ouya is built on Android open source technology.

What’s your take on the Ouya, how do you think it stands up to the big guns from MS and Sony? Would you say Ou….ya if we could make Fruitcraft app available on the Android platforms?



By gaming

Here at Fruitcraft, we are huge fans of trading card games. But we are also big console gamers. So as fellow gamers we wondered what you thought about latest Durango/Xbox 720 spec rumors.

Does the idea of a box that places media ahead of games work for you? What about the always online & blocking second hand games rumors? Do you think it’ll match up to PS4?

How would you like to fruitcraft app on your main console? We do like the idea of having Fruitcraft trading card game on as many platforms as possible.

Answers on a postcard please!